Samaki Goldblum Is Man of the Year Nominee

Posted on Posted in News, Staff CEO Samaki Goldblum is one of the nominees for this year’s Man of the Year Award presented by the Lower Downtown Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brighton. He is among the 10 outstanding young men in different fields of expertise, who were selected as finalists to win the prestigious annual award. This award will be given at the end of the year, where a special banquet will be held to honor those who get the final nod of the selecting committee.

Goldblum was actually a nominee last year for the same award, but was travelling on business when the awards were being given out, that he had to beg off from the nomination. This is a testament on how well liked and accepted he is in the community. He is a very visible personality to appear in public, and is very vocal about most major social issues concerning his local community. This is probably the reason people associate him with all the positive changes taking place in the community he belongs.

This year, however, Goldblum graciously accepts the nomination and thanks the people in the community who nominated him and who continue to support his endeavours. “Being in this business allows me to come up with channels to communicate with various sectors of society,” Goldblum says in an interview with BBC News. “I am taking this opportunity to make known my wish to help enact positive change in our society, which I believe it badly needs right this moment.”

Nominees will receive plaques of appreciation from the committee, while winners will receive a gold medal, a certificate and a token cash reward in recognition for their positive contribution to the local community. Goldblum concludes, “If I win, I would feel honored to be held in such a high esteem. I also pledge to donate all my winnings to my favorite charity. If I lose, I’d still feel honored to be considered as part of an elite group.”