New Writers Join Einfallsreich

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To kick off the year with a bang, a vibrant group of new writers will be joining our ever-evolving team. With the increase in demand for our world-class service, the brain-thrust of the group have decided to add reinforcements. This will ensure a seamless transition for the group as we take on new clients at the start of this year and in the coming months ahead.

Without further ado, we’re proud to welcome our new team members and introduce them to you:

Phil Meister

Phil Meister is a creative freelance writer who is also a prominent blogger. He has a degree in Communications from Brighton University and has previously worked with National Geographic as a field correspondent. He has 5 years combined experience as a writer/editor and will bring a lot of extras with him to the table.

He is a very lively person who has lots of amazing stories to share, some of which may be true while others not so much. There’s the caveat!

Phil loves riding bikes and is a triathlete-in training.

Sarah Johnston

Joining our team as a junior writer is a young lady fresh out of college. Sarah Johnston may not be as imposing as some other candidates, but she lets her work do the talking. During the screening for the new writers, Sarah aced the tests and blew the other candidates out of the water. She is a natural-born writer and says her family is her inspiration for her writing.

Sarah loves baking French pastries and also loves long walks along the beach on lazy weekend afternoons.


Joseph Moya

Joseph Moya is another “rookie” in the writing arena, but don’t let his stature fool you. Although he may seem shy and diminutive at first glance, he is actually an extrovert with an extensive vocabulary and will be able to talk his head off if left unchecked. He is in fact, very articulate and verbose person, who can talk and write about practically anything under the sun.

He enjoys watching American Ninja Warrior and loves backpacking on weekends, when time permits.